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Button concept design for t-muslimah

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As we promised before, we not only designing the t-shirt, but we try to educate people to dress according to syarak.

One of the ways T-muslimah educate our customers and people with our campaign "Together, we dressed according to syarak" is through our products.

We want you to be part of this 'voice out' campaign. Purchased the T-muslimah product and you will get the button / budges. Clip this button at any place that people can see it. Put in the bag, scarf, clothes any where you like.

The public can get the message automatically after viewing. This is how the campaign educate people silently but effectively.

So? Let's together be part of our community to spread the message and benefit from it.


There are eight types of buttons. get now while stocks last. Do not miss this opportunity and be part of our community. Click here!